Soft Cut Printed Greetings Card

Cut the Soft Cut to the size needed for the front of the greetings card. Draw on the image you wish to print using a marker.

Using a V blade, cut out the fine lines in the Soft Cut remembering that the lines you cut away will not print. When cutting either use a bench hook, hand guard or remember to keep your other hand behind the blade, never put your hand in front as these blades are sharp.

Squeeze some ink onto a flat surface such as an inking tray or a tile and roll out the ink until it sounds tacky and has a short velvet appearance. Roll this ink onto the Soft Cut. 

Place the card onto the inked up surface and rub with a clean roller or the back of a spoon to transfer the ink from the Soft Cut to the card. When you have finished printing wash the roller and Soft Cut with warm soapy water.

The finished print. Leave the ink to dry before folding (if the ink is oil based it might take up to 1 week).

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