Screen Printed Wrapping Paper Using Screen Filler

You will need:

Draw the image on a piece of paper.

Using a disappearing pen or pencil, trace the image onto the screen.

Raise the edges of the screen away from the table by placing a wedge, such as a coin, under each corner. Using a fine brush, paint the screen filler around the outlines.

Fill in the rest of the image with screen filler. Leave to dry fully. When dry hold the screen up to a light any areas that you can see through will print. Paint extra screen filler onto the mesh where needed.

Tape up the edges of the screen with parcel tape.

Using a water-based screen printing ink, flood the screen and then print the image onto brown kraft paper. Repeat as necessary being careful not to place the screen onto wet ink.

Leave the paper to dry fully. The image can be removed from the screen with Speed Clean

The finished parcel ready to be torn open!

You can download the instructions to print out here!

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