How to use SolarFast on Fabric

For this project you will need:

Create a negative image in a programme such as Photoshop by inverting a high contrast black and white image. We used one of our dog – Fletcher! Print this image on clear film.

Tape off the area you wish to print. You can use masking tape or parcel tape. Press hard to make sure that it has good contact with the T-shirt. If you do not need sharp edges you don’t need to tape.

Place a piece of newspaper or newsprint inside your T-shirt to stop bleed through. Paint the SolarFast onto your T-shirt. Making sure it is evenly distributed. 

Dab off any excess SolarFast with a piece of cloth or kitchen roll. 

Place your negative on top of the SolarFast and take out into the sun. Place a sheet of glass onto the T-shirt to keep it tightly together. You will see the colour begin to change – full sun works best. 

Remove the glass and take inside away from the sun before removing the negative. You do not want the SolarFast to continue exposing. 

Wash the T-shirt in hot water using SolarFast Wash. Washing in a machine is best. The colour will change at this point. 

The finished T-shirt (and Bag!)

Download a printable pdf here!