Safeprint and Softcut Cards

Cut out the background image from Safeprint Polystyrene using a craft knife.

Ink up the polystyrene using Speedball Block Printing Inks. These inks are waterbased and intermixable.

Place the paper on top of the inked up block and, using a clean roller or brayer, press firmly so the ink moves from the Safeprint to the paper. 

Draw out the seed heads onto the Softcut. We used a piece of tracing paper for registration. Cut out the outside of the seed heads and a few lines on the inside for texture. 

Ink up the Softcut. Place the Softcut ink side down on the printed paper. Use a dry roller and press until the ink sticks to the paper. Turn it all over and re-press firmly.

Once again using tracing paper, draw out the final outline onto a Softcut block. Cut away everything apart from the details.

Ink up this plate and print as previously.

The finished piece!