Printing a Linocut with a Relief Printing Press

Relief Printing Presses are a great option if you want to speed up your lino printing process. This one is available in A4 and square format. This type of press uses a platen to press down firmly to transfer ink from your block to the paper. Read on or scroll to the bottom to watch a video.

Open the press by pulling up the lever and moving the platen to one side. Remove the piece of foam padding.

Add a few sheets of newsprint or similar to the base board. This padding will help us to get an even print. Experiment with more or fewer sheets to see what works for you and your process. If using, place your registration sheet on top.

Lay the inked up lino block face up in the press. 

Gently lay the printing paper on top. 

Next, lay the foam sheet on top. Use the handle of the press to carefully lower the top platen down on the print stack.

The handle tucks underneath the bar at the side of the press. It then uses leverage to press the platen down on the print stack. Push firmly.

For a more even print, open the press up, carefully remove the foam and rotate the print stack by 90 degrees (if it fits). Place the foam back on top, close the press again and press once more.

Open the press and remove the print.

For this project you will need:
– Relief Printing Press
– Lino (ready carved – tools are here)
– Relief Printing Ink
– Roller
– Inking Plate
– Newsprint
– Paper on which to print