Taking a Quick Proof of your Linocut with a Rubbing

When you’re carving a lino block it can be handy to be able to see how your block will print before you ink it up. By taking a rubbing of your block you can get an idea of what your final print might look like. Scroll to the bottom of the page for a video or read below.

A graphite stick works perfectly for taking rubbings. Use Newsprint as it’s thin and smooth so should give the clearest indication of your carved lino design.

Use the flat edge of the end of the graphite stick, not the point.

Place the newsprint over the block. Hold it still with one hand and gently rub the graphite stick over the lino, focussing on the raised areas of the block.

Your rubbing should show you how your block will look once printed but remember that it will be a mirror image of how your block will finally print!

For this technique you will need: