Which Inks Can I Use?

Knowing which inks to use for which printing project can be a minefield. There are different inks for screen printing, relief printing and intaglio. Some
can be used for more than one technique, some are only suited to one. Some can be used for printing onto fabric, some only for paper.

We’ve created a chart to help guide you when deciding which inks to use for which printing projects. These charts are based on the information from the
manufacturers and on our own recommendations based on our printmaking experience and experiments. 

Larger, printable PDFs of these charts can be downloaded here: Inks for Fabric and Inks for Paper.

You can find all of these inks on our website:

Akua Intaglio Ink

Caligo Safewash Relief Ink

Caligo Safewash Etching Ink

Cranfield Waterbased Relief Ink

Dye Na Flow

Essdee Waterbased Relief Ink

Fabric Screen Printing Binder (and Pigment Colours

Fabric Screen Printing Opaque Binder

Handprinted Fabric Paint

Hawthorn Stay Open Ink

Metallic Binder (and Metallic Powders)

Permaset Aqua Screen Printing Ink

Permaset Supercover Screen Printing Ink

Speedball Acrylic Screen Printing Ink

Speedball Block Printing Ink

Speedball Fabric Block Printing Ink

Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink

System 3 Acrylic Paint (with
System 3 Block Printing Medium,
Textile Medium or
Acrylic Medium

Thickened Procion Dyes (Procion dyes and Manutex)

Versacraft Ink Pads (large and


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