20:20 Print Exchange – Handprinted’s entrants

This year 20 members of the Handprinted studio are submitting work to the 20:20 Print Exchange. The 20:20 Print Exchange is an exchange organised by Hot
Bed Press in Salford. Each participant has to print an edition of 25 prints that are 20cm x 20cm. There are approximately 500 artists that take part
from around 40 studios. Each participant receives a box of 20 prints that includes one of their own and 19 randomly selected prints from other artists.
The participants can print with whatever method they wish. Below are the prints from the 20 artists from Handprinted. What a fantastic selection! For
more information about the 20:20 print exchange please click here

Top left: Holly Newnham – Screenprint

Top right: Debbie Moran – Two block Linocut

Bottom left: Phil King – Linocut

Bottom right: Anna Vartiainen – Screenprint


Top left: Lila Das Gupta – Drypoint

Top right: Martin Jones – Hand drawn screenprint

Bottom left: Judy Williams – Screenprint

Bottom right: Caroline Whalley – Acid etched copper plate and drypoint 

Top left: Jan Harbon – Screenprint

Top right: Trevor Ingham – Wood Engraving

Bottom left: Lesley Ormrod – Screenprint

Bottom right: Tom Boulton – Letterpress

Top left: Diane Palin – Woodcut

Top right: Tricia Johnson – Papercut screenprint

Bottom left: Rebecca Palin – Linocut

Bottom right: Barbara Lammas – Screenprint

Top left: Shirley Scott – Screenprint

Top right: Gillian Collins – Screenprint

Bottom left: Fabiola Knowles – Reduction linocut

Bottom right: Sue England – Screenprint

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