How to use our New Japanese Stamp Kit!

We’re really excited to show you this new Japanese stamping kit that has just arrived. It contains everything you need to carve your own stamps and start
printing them! We couldn’t resist having a go ourselves so here’s a little tutorial on how to use our new Japanese Stamp Carving Kit

The kit contains a green carving block, knife, V Gouge carving tool, small flower shaped stamp, small heart shaped stamp, kneadable eraser for cleaning,
Versacraft small ink pad in Chocolate Brown, cutting mat, mini card frame, tracing paper and instructions all in a plastic case. The only other thing
you’ll need is a pencil and something to stamp on. You can boost your kit with more Versacraft Ink Pads to have lots of colours to choose from. You can print these on fabric too! 

Start with your drawing. A little smiley apple seemed appropriate! Use the tracing paper provided to trace over your design.

Turn your tracing paper face down on your craving block and rub all over the back with your finger to transfer the design. 

Roughly cut out around your stamp. You can use the knife provided or a craft knife. 

Use the knife provided in the kit to carve around the outside of your shape. Carve at an angle away from your shape all the way around. Use the pink cutting
mat included in the kit. The block is soft and very easy to cut. 

Turn your knife the the opposite angle and crave a little away from the edge to peel out the edges. This is like using a V tool one side at a time. 

When you have peeled away the outline, use your knife horizontally to cut off the rest of the unwanted green surface revealing the white underneath.

Use the V gouge to carve any fine detail.

Ink up your stamp using the Chocolate Versacraft Pad provided or any other colours that you have! Gently press the stamp pad onto the face up stamp. 

Press your inked up stamp onto your printing surface!

This kit also comes with two pre-cut stamp shapes for you to add your own details to.

I loved printing with this Japanese Stamp Carving Kit.
Everything you need is right there in the A5 sized kit ready to whip up more stamps for cards, labels, clothes, bags. You can keep topping up your
kit with more carving blocks and Versacraft pads!


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