New Japanese Stock

Following Shirley’s visit to Japan earlier this year, we are expanding our Japanese Woodblock Printing and Relief Printing range! We’ve had great fun testing
out new products and have loved opening each parcel as it arrives from Japan with new stock. There are lots of new things now available on our website
(and more still on the way!) Read on to find out more about some of our new products from Japan: 

These Japanese Inking rollers are available in a hard or soft rubber.
They’re beautifully made and come in four sizes. We’ve been using one in our studio and absolutely love it!

Our new range of Japanese Woodblock Cutting Tools contains five types of tools in different sizes, all available to buy individually so you can build up
a set that’s perfect for you. Choose from V Gouges, U Gouges, Aisuki Chisels, Hangito Knives and a Kento Chisel.

Use these Japanese Water Brushes to keep your paper damp when woodblock printing. 

We’ve expanded our range of Japanese Inking Brushes with this 60mm brush.
Use with watercolours or gouache and nori paste for woodblock printing. Our new nori paste will be in stock soon!

We now have a choice of six barens to choose from for hand burnishing your relief prints including this new coiled bamboo baren. It’s traditional coiled internal structure makes it hardwearing and its large 13cm diameter enables you to
transfer pressure from your arm more effectively. Also in the shop are our two ball-bearing barens like this one below.

Possibly the most useful new items in our shop are these rubber ink scrapers. They clean up inking plates like a dream and wont leave scratches! If metal is more your style, try this new
50mm ink spatula:

Our Japanese vinyl is restocked and available in a new smaller 100 x 150mm size and the extremely popular HoSho paper pad is back!

Even more new stock is on it’s way so keep your eyes on the Japanese Woodblock and Relief Printing sections of the website! 






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