A weekend with LinocutBoy

This past weekend we had Nick Morley AKA LinocutBoy come to our studio to teach a weekend course in Multi Block Lino.

On the Friday evening he came and gave an illustrated talk and demonstration. Nick is softly spoken but his dry sense of humour was obvious in both his
talk and his prints.

We were very lucky that at the end of the evening he printed some Tea Towels for our WaterAid print exchange – click here for further details – who knows if you participate you might be lucky enough to receive one of his printed Tea Towels? 

The weekend course focused on multi-block linocuts. The participants learnt how to design, carve and print multi-blocks by hand and using a press.

In addition Nick also taught how to sharpen tools, transfer designs to the lino, mix transparent and opaque colours, ghost printing, process colours and
their interactions, and how to register designs accurately. 

We put together a video that we hope captures the essence of the weekend (please excuse the cheesy music!).


We are very to happy to report that we have two further weekend courses with Nick Morley the dates are 21st and 22nd April 2018 and 24th and 25th November 2018

Here are a selection of the final prints.

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