Carve a Stamp Kit

This is Maisie on work experience at Handprinted. Shirley and Holly have very kindly let me try out this Carve a Stamp Kit and write about my thoughts on it. The kit contains: An ink pad, carving tools (1 V shape fine tool and another
V shape wider tool) and 5 blank stamps.

This new product uses a simple technique that produces effective results. The product is reasonably priced at £12.99 including everything you need to produce
many prints. It is a great gift idea for birthday presents or just if you are feeling creative.

You can print on plain wrapping paper to give it your own unique style. You can also be inventive with what you choose to print on. For example, present
labels, cards, envelopes and scrap book covers.

Step 1: Design the stamp.

Firstly, place the rubber on a piece of paper and draw around it so you know the size that your design needs to be. Then, draw your design in the box.

You could write a message, symbol or image.

Step 2: Draw your design onto the stamp.

You could use carbon paper or tracing paper to get the design exactly the same to your drawing or you could draw it free hand.

Step 3: Carve the stamp.

Holding the tool at a low angle, carefully carve away the areas of the stamp that you don’t want to print. There are 2 carving tools that you can use.
The finer V shape tool should be used for smaller detailed areas and the wider V shape tool should be used to clear away larger areas.

Step 4: Print the stamp.

Make sure that you generously cover the stamp as you don’t want it to be patchy. It should shine when you tilt the stamp like the image below. Then press
down firmly onto the material of your choice.

These are all 5 of my stamps.

And that’s it! 4 easy steps for creating your own stamps. The Carve a Stamp Kit is an easy way to add that homemade touch.

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