Printing with System 3 Block Printing Medium

System 3 Block Printing Medium transforms acrylic paints into usable block printing inks. Simply mix the medium with your paints and roll onto your block! Here’s how:

Mix your Block Printing Medium with acrylic paint in a ratio of 3:2. If you want to print in a specific colour, mix your acrylic colour first and then add your medium when you’re happy with the shade.
I did not do this, because I’m reckless.

When you’ve mixed your ink, roll out a thin, velvety layer. Your
roller should make a zzz sound and not be squelchy. If it is, remove some ink and roll out again.

Roll your ink onto your block – we’re using a sheet of lino that we carved earlier…

Place your paper on top if your block – we’re using Kent printmaking paper.
Use a baren to transfer the ink
to your paper by rubbing it all over the back.

This block printing ink will layer up well for a multi-block or reduction print. It is translucent (unless you’ve added a lot of white – experiment with
your colours for layering first) so will show some of the base colour through.

To print with block printing medium you will need:



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