Meet the Maker: Karin Moorhouse

Meet Karin Moorhouse: local artist and designer who is teaching Monotype Printmaking with us in November!

Hi, my name is Karin and I have been an artist/designer all my life starting off with studying printed textiles for my degree at Liverpool art school,
followed by experience gathering work in large London commercial studios and design companies. My creative life has taken me on an interesting journey
and I have met some fascinating people. Whilst working in fashion and textiles I had opportunity for frequent travel as I was busy not only designing
but selling the design collections around the world. I have worked in interior design, garden design, mural and trompe l’oeil, portrait and landscape
painting, teaching art from Montessori age to degree level and I have trained in art psychotherapy. Happily all these threads now weave together and
one area feeds the other. My plein air landscape work informs my printmaking and vice versa. I am also making inroads into exploring how I could monoprint
directly onto fabric… full circle!


I currently use my plein air oil paintings as reference material and as a starting point for a new series of monoprints and I use the printing process
very much like I use oil paint: I work in layers which means I will present the plate many times to achieve the layering and depth and rich colour.

How and where did you learn to paint and print?

I knew from junior school that I wanted to work with colour and fabric and so I spent every possible moment with pens, paints, pencils and was lucky enough
to go to Junior Saturday morning art classes at Glasgow School Of Art.

Why monoprinting?

I find monoprinting to be a perfect marriage between drawing and painting. It is a fluid process, like painting and it can be fast like a drawing. It can
also be detailed and as the inks stay open for quite a while there is opportunity to “play” with colour mixing just like an oil painting.

Where do you work?

I have a hidden studio in my garden.

Describe a typical day in your studio.

Last thing every day I clean up palettes, plates and brushes and first thing every morning I put on radio 4! Then I layout my paints and inks ensure all
my soldiers are in a row and carry on where I left off the day before. But if the day is fine I will often take the opportunity to paint outside and
then the great outdoors becomes my studio!

How long have you been painting and printmaking?

Painting since I was a child and printmaking since I had the facility to so do.

What inspires you?

Everything… too much! I am fascinated by light and the effect of light. I try to convey the feeling of the day.

What have you made that you are most proud of?

My daughters!

Where can we see your work? Where do you sell?

I have taken part in the Arundel Gallery Trail every year for a number of years now and have exhibited at the Oxmarket, Chichester, The Mall Galleries,
London. I have also shown my work in group shows around SE England and will be taking part in an exhibition at Candida Stephens, Chichester in February

What will we be seeing from you next?

I will be working further into my series of “From Town To Country”. This is an umbrella title which for me covers my interest in journeys from noisy cityscapes
to quiet rolling country and seascapes. For me the title embraces my love of both spaces. I shall also be taking my monoprinting plein air and am looking
at transferring monotype prints onto fabric.

Do you have any advice for other printmakers and creatives?

Don’t be shy of technology. Thrive on and digest the process. By that I mean don’t hope for/look for/only work for the results. When we become absorbed
in process very often the product takes care of itself and is the richer for it.

See more of Karin’s work on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or on her website. Karin is teaching her Monotype Printing Workshop with us on the 5th & 6th of November! For more information or to book a space, visit our website or call 01243 696789.

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