Transparent Relief Printing Blocks

Very excited about this new product. Transparent Polymer Relief Printing Block. It is similar to Soft Cut but with the bonus of being transparent so you can trace images through. It is a little stiffer to cut than Soft Cut but still softer than Lino.

Draw your image onto a sheet of paper and place under the transparent block.

Cut the paper to the same size as the block and place under the block on a bench hook.

Cut out the background of the block to give an interesting texture.

The finished block.

Thinly roll out your block printing ink and apply an even coat using a roller.

The inked-up block ready for printing.

Place your block on a hard surface, inky side up. Place your paper on top of the block. Use a clean roller to press the ink from the block to the paper, you could also use a wooden spoon or a brayer.

The finished piece!

Full instructions can be downloaded here!