Soft Cut Lino Stamp

A basic guide to using the fabulous Soft Cut Discs. A downloadable pdf can be found here!

Step 1

Draw around the disc. Draw the image you wish to print in a dark pencil inside the outline. The image will print in reverse.

Step 2

Place the image face down onto the disc and then rub a pencil over the lines to transfer the image. 

Step 3

Use a fine blade to cut the outline. Use a larger blade to cut away the rest of the stamp you do not wish to print. Always keep your fingers on both hands behind the blade and cut away from you as the blades are sharp. 

Step 4

Peel off the paper backing and stick the stamp to the bottom of the baren. 

Step 5

Squirt a little block printing ink into a tray and roll it out smoothly using a lino roller. The ink needs to be quite thin and smooth. 

Step 6

Roll the ink onto the stamp. 

Step 7

Press the stamp firmly onto the gift tag. 

Step 8

The finished print!