Jacquard Screen Ink Discharge

This new product landed on our shelves a couple of weeks ago and we are very impressed with the results. Printing on a dark colour is always difficult and opaque inks feel much stiffer on the finished article. Using Jacquard Screen Ink Discharge you can lighten pre-dyed fabrics at the same time as printing.

This product was designed for use with Jacquard Screen Inks but will work with other water-based, translucent Screen Inks such as Speedball or Permaset Aqua. Mix 7% of the Screen Ink Discharge into your ink of choice. 7% is roughly 3/4 teaspoon per 50g of Ink. The Discharge additive is liquid so if you use too large a percentage it will make the inks too runny to print with.

Screen your selected image onto your T-shirt as normal. We used a 43T mesh and a commercially dyed T-shirt. Leave the ink to dry for 30 minutes. 

Steam iron at the highest temperature appropriate for fabric until the image is developed enough – you can see this happening in front of your eyes. A strong odour is given off during steaming, we would recommend using in a well-ventilated area with a mask. 

The T-shirt can now be washed as normal. As you can see the image is much brighter than you could usually achieve when printing a translucent, water-based ink onto a dark T-shirt.